The Growing Demand For Travel Clubs

Over the last few years, international and domestic travel has seen a drastic makeover. An ever-increasing number of companies are pushing the envelope by providing unmatched benefits and features to boost their employee and customer loyalty.

This trend is leading to the rapid growth of customized travel clubs. From providing affordable weekend getaways to luxurious holidays, these new travel clubs are already changing the face of this multi-billion dollar industry. Here are some of the reasons why this trend is now picking up speed and taking hold.

The Opportunity For Growth
The travel sector is one of the most profitable industries in the world and employs millions of people. Although it has gone through turbulent times during the pandemic, travel is once again seeing rapid growth, expansion, and innovation. However, the opportunities are different than before the pandemic because about 70% of travelers report that they would like to try something new.

This means that the industry has a huge opportunity for innovative growth. Although the concept of customized travel clubs is relatively new, it has already taken the industry by storm. The integration of technological advancements to enhance the benefit array has further led to the overall adoption and growth of travel clubs.

A Relationship Bridge
Regardless of all the innovative developments in the travel sector, there is still a significant gap between businesses and the goals of their employees and customers. This is exactly where customized travel clubs can provide an easy solution to connect travelers with business amenities. Instead of being a black box, it makes the travel sector quite transparent. Not only does it empower travelers to make their own choices, but it also delivers more business to vendors. Travel clubs are a win-win situation for everyone.

An Easy Way To Plan Travel
Gone are the days when planning a family vacation would consume days of research. With the help of a travel club, customers can simply book their next vacation right from their smartphones. With just one tap, every kind of travel need can be taken care of. All of this provides a more hassle-free way of traveling.

One of the reasons travelers are moving away from traditional prepackaged tours is because they lack the element of personalization. In contrast, travel clubs provide a seamless way to create customized trips without difficulty. A travel club member can collaborate with fellow travelers, share different details, and plan a personalized holiday on the go.

Added Benefits
The types of expanded benefits that are offered through travel clubs can’t be compared with traditional travel companies. Innovative features such as big discounts on hotels and resorts, airport lounge access, passport expediting, medical evacuation, and personal help desks are changing people’s expectations and choices.

Even business travelers are benefiting from features such as frequent flyer alerts, multi-language support, virtual currency programs, and access to private jet booking services. All of this makes travel clubs an essential part of the new travel landscape.

Member Support
To make sure that travelers have a trouble-free experience, travel clubs are able to provide a dedicated 24/7/365 team of personal assistants. With this feature, travelers can get in touch with qualified member representatives to resolve any travel issues or answer queries. In addition, some travel clubs also support their members with access to a licensed doctor or local lawyer should medical or legal matters arise.

With all these provisions, travel clubs are not only here to stay, but they will continue to drive an industry revolution.

How To Quickly And Easily Add A Travel Club Benefit
If you would like to see how to add a travel-based rewards and loyalty program for your employees and/or customers, then book a live demo with us, and we will further explain the process and guide you through the selection of benefits that you could offer. Adding travel rewards is now one of the smartest tactics that your brand can use to recruit and retain the right people for your organization.